Teaching National College of Art & Design, 1982.

Neil Read has a track record in teaching ceramics that goes back to 1974 when, as a student at Edinburgh College of Art, he gave a night class course with the local city council and also taught privately.

In 1982 he moved to Dublin, Ireland to teach at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) remaining at the institution till 2010, becoming Head of Department of Ceramics, Glass and Metals in 1987.

During his time at NCAD he built up a skilled and creative specialist applied arts team and, with their assistance, encouraged the expansion of a visiting lecturer programme which brought in many local and international artists, designers and crafts people to enrich the student experience. Those who have taught, demonstrated or acted as external examiners in the department, opened their studios to students or worked with students on external projects include:-

John Kindness, Ireland.
Edwardo Paolozzi, UK.
Robert Ballagh, Ireland.
Magdelena Odundo, ceramics,UK.
Diana Hobson, glass, UK.
Arline Fisch, jewellery, USA.
Deirdre McLaughlin, ceramics, Ireland/Netherlands.
David Reekie, glass, UK.
Deb Stoner, jewellery/eyewear, USA.
Marek Cecula, ceramics, Poland/USA,
Steven Dee Edwards, glass, USA.
Wendy Ramshaw, jewellery, UK.
Takeshi Yashuda, ceramics, Japan.
Mary White, glass, USA.
Otto Künzli, jewellery, Switerland/Germany.
Alison Britton, ceramics, UK.
Maud Cotter, glass, Ireland
Elizabeth Callinicos, jewellery, Greece/UK.
Edmund de Waal, ceramics, UK.
Mieke Groot, glass, Netherlands.
Kim Ellwood, jewellery, UK.
Dorothy Fiebleman, ceramics, USA.
Patrick Reyntiens, stained glass, UK.
Coilin O'Dubhghaill, metals, Ireland.
Teaching Thomastown, 1993.Felicity Aylieff, ceramics, UK.
Dale Chihuly, glass, USA.
Paul Derrez, Gallery Ra, Netherlands.
Angus Suttie, ceramics, UK.
Zoltan Bohus, glass, Czech Republic.
Mike McCrory, silversmithing, Ireland.
Sandy Brown, ceramics, UK.
Göran Wärff, glass, Sweden.
Pierre Schlevogt, jewellery, Germany.
Marie Foley, ceramics, Ireland
Sien van Meurs, glass, Netherlands.
Joseph Palachek, metals, Hungary.
Lillemore Peterson, ceramics, Sweden.
Ursula Huth, glass, Germany.
Slim Barrett, jewellery, Ireland/UK.
William Daley, ceramics, USA.
Karen LaMonte, glass, USA/Czech Republic.
Barbara Cartlidge, the Electrum Gallery, UK
Jill Crowley, ceramics, UK.
Elizabeth McClure, glass, UK/New Zealand.
Eimear Conyard, jewellery, Ireland.
Matthias Ostermann, ceramics, Canada.
Maria Lugossi, glass, Czech Republic.
Pamela Martin, jewellery, UK.
Sarah Radstone, ceramics, UK.
Jeremy Lepisto, glass, USA.
Rian de Jong, jewellery/glass, Netherlands.
Archie McCaul, ceramics, UK.
Ittzal Tazzyman, glass, Australia.
Rory Mahon, metals, USA.
Bill Stewart, ceramics, USA
James Scanlon, glass, Ireland.
Joan MacKarell, enamels, UK.

He has taught, acted as external examiner and made presentations in many institutions including:-

The Crawford College of Art, Cork, Ireland.
The Crafts Council of Ireland, Pottery Skills Course, Kilkenny, Ireland.
Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.
The National Museum of Ireland, Dublin.
The Pottery Arts Workshop, Jingdezhen, China.
Sydney School of Art, Australia.
Lewis and Clarke University, Portland, USA.
The Oregon School of the Crafts, Portland, USA.
NCECA, Portland, USA.
Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Galway, Ireland.
The Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute, Jingdezhen, China.
The Glass Society of Ireland, Dublin.
The National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin.
San Jose State University, USA.
Parsons School of Design, New York, USA.
Ontario School of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada.
Cumbria College of Art and Design, Carlisle, England.
The Trinity Arts Workshop, Dublin, Ireland.